Listas Anotadas de Medicamentos e Dispositivos

Suriname. NGK-C-011

01. Anesthetics
02. Analgesics, Antipyretics, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Anti-Gout Agents and Agents for Rheumatic Diseases
03. Anti-Allergics and Medicines for Anaphylaxis
04. Antidotes and other agents for poisoning
05. Anti-Convulsants/ Anti-Epileptics
06. Anti-infective agents
07. Anti-Migraine Agents
    7.1 Medications for Acute Attacks 7.2 Medications for Prophylaxis
      Medicamento Forma farmacêutica Composição Observações
      propranolol Tablet 40 mg (hydrochloride)
08. Anti-Neoplastic and Immunosuppressive Agents
09. Medications for Parkinson's Disease
10. Agents that work on the blood
11. Blood Products and Plasma Substitutes
12. Cardiovascular Agents
13. Dermatological preparations
14. Diagnostics
15. Dermatological Preparations
16. Diuretics
17. Agents for the Gastrointestinal Tract