Listas Anotadas de Medicamentos e Dispositivos


Este medicamento esta presente em:

Listas Seção Observação
WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (2021) For chemoprevention Outras observações:
For use only in combination with chloroquine.
PAHO Strategic Fund Medicine List 2.7.2. Anti-malarial Outras observações:
Limited supply options (normally, none or only one supplier identified / prequalified); may result in longer delivery times.
Trinidad and Tobago. Pharmaceutical Ven Listing 2019. Ministry of Health. Anti-Infectives Antimalarials Sem observações
Jamaica. List of Vital Essential and Necessary Drugs and Medical Sundries for Public Health Institutions. 2015 07.06 ANTI-MALARIALS Sem observações
Cayman Islands Health Services Authority Pharmacy Drug Formulary 05.04.01 Antimalarial Drugs Sem observações

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